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Musings - Day 54

Day 54 – 18th February 2020

Cheers to all the readers, donators, messages – Thanks guys

The day started well with a visit to my laundry, who by the way, I am now on first name terms. The final load, returned tomorrow in preparation for Oz on Thursday.

A four handed, three footed, elephant headed piece designed by a substance abuse cooperative.

Forgetting about the bum tingles from yesterdays junket, I once more took to the open road. Well not exactly open as I had to share it with forty thousand like minded imbeciles going my way. First stop was Seminyak, to be more precise the “Potato Head Beach Club.” (When you come across a name like that you just have to go and have a mooch.) I had a uniformed chap approach me sat astride Vicky Vario, to very firmly hand me a ticket. He also imparted a forceful delivery of, “Now give me your keys sir.” It took a moment to understand that it was a valet service for all vehicles of guests, which at this point I hadn’t become one. I handed them over knowing it wouldn’t be long before I returned. I had time for a soft drink and a look around this rather nice club, right on the beach. I wouldn’t say it was exclusive (after all they let me in,) but I would give it up market credentials, most definitely. Next stop was going to be Batu Balong Beach. I don’t know why I was following the trail of beaches in the area because I had absolutely no intention of stopping on one.

Before that however, I found the most perfect fruit bar. Yep, that’s right fruit bar, called the Eden Café. With the exceptions of teas and coffees, everything else was entirely fruit oriented. The fruit platter was a dream at £1.60, followed by a passion fruit smoothie at £1.50. Beautiful, healthy, and exactly what I needed to get the day going. I felt that good afterwards, I didn’t mind the rain. That is until it became unbearable. One of those that you just have to sit out.

When I eventually got back to base, my clothes had more or less dried, as I parked Vicky Vario in the basement. The parking / overnight watchman at the hotel either slept on site or had a twin brother that took over from him at shift change. Either way he approached with more exaggerated zeal than usual. Just like ‘Del Boy’ he looked both ways before opening a black valise. I half expected him to say ‘Mange tout, Rodders, mange tout,’ but he didn’t. Instead he showed me a collection of watches, all 100% genuine fakes, of course. There were… ‘Roluxs, Omegas, Blitenings, Bravemonts, Cartiers, Hublos, and of course Tag Hers.’ Each having their authenticity endorsed with a clear cellophane carry home protective wallet. These incidentally were all at factory prices, complete with sixty day warranty. Two things occur to me here. Sixty days is just a random number the printer came up with when designing the yellow display cards. And secondly where would you take them to should, and I know this is very unlikely to happen, they go kaput? When he saw zero interest from me, his only punter in the basement garage, he took the watches shelf from the case to display every libido enhancement known to man. And moreover, quite a lot not known to this particular man. There were a range of tablets, clips, pouches, straps – all presumably to make the downstairs old boy perform like the lifts at the Hilton. I obviously said a more direct no to him this time because he completely shut the lid to his case. I moved away towards the stairs for him to shout after me, “What about a baseball cap?” I mean… really?

Early night with a bit of TV for me. Final day in Bali tomorrow, a place I will probably forget all too easily.

Position: 08°42'06” N 115°10'42”E – Miles completed: 13869

Location: Kuta, Bali 18:19 - 18th February 2020 - Journey 54 days 15 hours

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