• Bob Taylor

Musings - Day 50

Day 50 – 14th February 2020

Taking a day off just to get my brain in gear for what lies ahead.

Made hotel late last night after a horrendous journey of storms, desperate traffic, and a driver who almost fell asleep at the wheel. He didn’t – I made him pull over to take a break. The show must go on but for today it’s just a do nothing kind of day, that is difficult to share. Happy Valentines to everyone.

This is my Airbnb for a few days at the atrocious price of £13 per night! this swimming pool is warmer than a bath. Little bit off the beaten track but who cares!

Position: 08°42'06” N 115°10'42”E – Miles completed: 13869

Location: Kuta, Bali 21:44 - 14th February 2020 - Journey 50 days 19 hours

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