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Musings - Day 39

Day 39 – 3rd February 2020

Thanks everyone for your concerns about the border – it is what it is, let’s just see what happens when I get nearer.

First light

Today was a day to go buy my rail ticket for tomorrow, mooch around K.L for a bit, then come back to the hotel for relaxing afternoon. Using, Grab, the monorail, buying the rail ticket and returning the same was a total travel bill of thirty eight ringlets. Malaysian currency is around 5.5 to the pound and around 4.5 to the dollar. So the whole mornings travel including buying a ticket for tomorrow cost around £8 / $6.5 U.S – Incredible, I know. The land of the £1.80p taxi! The shopping Malls in K.L are sensational, but I didn’t buy anything because my back pack is heavy enough without adding stuff. However, I have only just realised that I am going to have to buy a jumper because when I step off the plane in Birmingham I only have short sleeved stuff. I have given everything warm away to street beggars.

Last night I had an evening in watching a blue ray movie provided by the Airbnb apartment owner. The choices weren’t that great, but luckily I fell asleep half way through ‘Aladdin.’ Haven’t spoken to anyone today so rather than me stay in K.L. all day I went back to the hotel around three this afternoon. I had seen that for ten ringlets I could use the rooftop pool on the forty eighth floor. What a great couple of hours that was.

So I am in this infinity pool overlooking the city of Kuala Lumpur, it is thirty six degrees and I am feeling that the world is ‘my lobster Rodney.’ (U.K. sitcom for those American readers) There are times in your life when you just have to be grateful, nothing else, just sheer gratitude. It was marvellous. Tonight it is a local dinner somewhere, then tomorrow off to Port Dickson, to acquire a ferry ticket.

This is Eddie and I bought him for £0.45p

Tonight I went to the Pavilions, more especially, Jalan Alor Street food area. Great atmosphere, loads and loads of outdoor restaurants vying for you business, and acts galore. From jugglers, merchants, singers, bands, all kinds. Compared to other places in Malaysia, to eat here was expensive in comparison, but still cheap in essence. In bed for 9:30, writing this blog, so it will be an early night for me. Made a short video that may not do it justice but it certainly was a fun place.

Enjoy the photos, different colours of the nightscape.

Oh bye the way no further news on the Australia border thing. – Keep you posted, but also keep me posted if you hear or see anything on the news that may be helpful. Goodnight all.

Position: 03°10'14” N 101°42'44”E – Miles completed: 11714

Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 22:00 - 3rd February 2020 - Journey 39 days 19 hours


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