• Bob Taylor

Musings - Day 33

Day 33 – 28th January 2020

Bear with me guys, it is so difficult finding a place to write these when we are driving during the day. As soon as I get onto public transport again, I will get back to the expected Musings.

So made it down to Chomphon from Hua Hin last night. Just a couple of things to show you from last night before we proceed with today. Firstly the scorpions on sticks – taste like pork scratchings / rinds. Very nice if you go for a sting with your food.

Secondly the model wearing the hat tried his best, Nick almost bought one, when he saw that the ears flap up and down.

Today we have pretty much done a beach road passing by a few developments and villages, before we ended up in the beautiful Chomphon Beach. (see photographs to make a judgement) Pressing on with Nick doing all the driving and me doing all the chatting. Tomorrow further south!

It is the halfway stage today in terms of time. Mileage wise already way past halfway point.

Position: 10°33'57” N 99°16'27”E – Miles completed: 10974

Location: Chomphon Beach, Thailand 18:42 - 28th January 2020 - Journey 33 days 16 hours


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