• Bob Taylor

Musings - Day 32

Day 32 – 27th January 2020

I had a lazy drive down to Hua Hin today and went for along my first beach of the trip. From tomorrow on I will lose my travel companion, as he will head back to his base near Klaeng. The onward travel schedule for Wednesday is a bit scatty as I can't seem to get any information from the websites concerning bus or rail travel. I will just have to turn up to set what I can get. Sometimes that is the best option. I will leave you some pictures... Oh by the way, the moustache came off today. It is lovely not to have to order food for it in restaurants anymore. The weight of the hair loss means that I have become a prolific whistler. Give me your views because the blog should start getting back to normal from Wednesday - See you guys....

Look at these beauties. What a fleet!

Don't you just love characters like this!

Come on - what's the verdict?

Position: 12°33'54” N 99°57'31”E – Miles completed: 10786

Location: Hua Hin, Thailand 18:42 - 27th January 2020 - Journey 32 days 18 hours


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