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Musings - Day 31

Monday 27th January 2020

Hello everyone. I put a message on Facebook yesterday to explain that the MUSINGS will be very short over the next few days. The reason is that I have met up with an old school friend of mine that is driving me all the way down into Southern Thailand. It is going to be quite hectic, and the times to actually type these blogs will be sparse. I will still be taking photos and posting those wherever I can. The internet in the very cheap hotel that we lodged at last night keeps coming in and out, so I will be brief, and get more to you when I can.

So after getting up yesterday morning to be greeted by a completely different Mr. Smiley, breakfast became a bit of a rushed affair, because my bus shuttle was due at anytime. Mr. Smileys happy gene replacement operation had been a complete success, receiving a full frontal lobotomy warranty for twelve months. The shuttle, arrived and I was duly transported to the bus station in Siem Reap, for the journey to the border town of Poi Pet. All went swimmingly, until we hit the border. Not literally, the bus stopped in time, otherwise it was have been carnage. There followed the most agonising three hour border crossing, that I have come across since China. (for completely different reasons)

There was nothing wrong with anyones paperwork, or any travellers through the system, but it was so painstakingly long. The line to get out of Cambodia was not too bad, in comparison, (around forty five minutes)but the line to get into Thailand was murderous. Caused mainly by lack of customers officials, no air conditioning, (other than mounted fans circulating the same hot air coming in from the open windows in the building) and a line system reminiscent, of Disney World, but without the screen entertainment, to take your mind off the length of time spent standing there.

It was three hours until I finally got through, meeting up with a very patient old school friend of mine Nick Harrison. Nick had been extremely patient waiting for me after a five hour drive to get here himself. So we're in the car heading towards Kung Threp Maha Nakon.

Take a look at some piccies - more tomorrow.

Nick with our transportation over the next few days - very comfortable inside.

Street food - haddled hens eggs barbecued - no thanks! The chef's mom looks happy.

A fantastically illuminated Tuk Tuk going like a bat out of hell!

Singularly the worst Beatles tribute band on the planet. Remarkable likeness to Sir Paul McCartney on the right.

Position: 13°43'12” N 100°44'22”E – Miles completed: 10593

Location: Krung Threp, Thailand 20:42 - 26th January 2020 - Journey 31 days 18 hours

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