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Musings - Day 20

Day 20 – 15th January 2020

Guys - I do apologise for the lack of Blog today - I had written the whole lot out (some 2002 words and then an internet cut corrupted the whole lot. Not onIy have searched and searched my auto recovery files and sadly the whole lot has gone. I have been nearly two hours now trying to recover it, and unfortunately it has gone! I have tried searching all recovery methods and cannot find it. So sorry, but tomorrow is another day - meanwhile I can up load some photographs of today, with brief descriptions of them.

The outside and the inside of the Three Gorges Museum

This is the first ever taxi service in chongqing. Below are my next lodgings

This is the entrance to the building below. It is the Great Hall for the peoples meetings.

I think that it is their version of a Council House or Town hall.

This monument is called the "Peoples Monument." Built at the end of World War 2 it has been refurbished. Used to be a traffic roundabout, but now it has been pedestrianised and made colourful by the plants.

A tribute to lost souls who have found peace in another garden, bloke on the left is trans-gender.

And finally this is my chosen restaurant for this evening. Comfy chairs!

Sorry about the blog guys - I take my share of responsibility for not backing up as I went along.

More tomorrow.

Position: 29°33'23” N 106°34'19”E – Miles completed: 07957

Location: Chongqing, China. 19:51 - 15th January 2020 - Journey 20 days 14 hours

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