• Bob Taylor

38 days to go...

Our banked sum is now at 87% of its target standing at £10,489 raised - Fantastic everyone, just fantastic. There is another £1000 in pledged support / sponsorship so it may well be that the original target of £12K, will be reached before the actual journey starts on 27th December (revised now at 2am, because of schedule alteration beyond our control.) It has in effect been a tremendous journey before the journey, so to speak, with peoples generosity, and enthusiasm for the project, being totally off the scale. Tomorrow sees the biggest obstacle to date with the application for China visa. This is because original itineraries previously submitted, had to be altered as unforeseen timetable changes had been brought about by transport schedules being revamped. Fingers crossed we can get it all in place over the coming days. Wish me luck!

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