Lee and Sam are two loving parents who have been dealt a blow that is just unimaginable. Their beautiful baby boy, Ernie, died so very unexpectedly at the age of just five months. It was obvious to all around, the absolute joy little Ernie brought to his mom and dad, who had gone through seven years of IVF to finally get him. Their pride was evident, tangible and contagious to anyone meeting the family. He was healthy, developing normally, and never seemed to stop smiling. The feeling of bewilderment around this senseless loss has been shared by all that had met little Ernie. We don't know why this has happened, but by donating to the Lullaby Trust, funding research and helping parents, we may one day find answers that may prevent others having to go through such inconsolable tragedy.


I am Bob Taylor - Lee's Uncle and thereby Great uncle to Ernie.

It is from an overwhelming feeling of helplessness that has made us create this website and undertake the fundraising  "Journey for Ernie." Everyone around Lee and Sam know that they can't do anything other than offer support, friendship and love to Ernie's Mom and Dad. But maybe, just maybe, we can help other parents in the future. Your donations help to fund research into SIDS as well as give bereavement counselling to parents, through the wonderful Lullaby Trust charity.

  Lee, Sam & Ernie

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